Quieting Ford F-150 Rattle Noise

Some 2017 Ford F-150 trucks equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost twin turbo engine may exhibit a rattle noise from the engine compartment under various operating conditions. This noise may be due to excessive play in the turbocharger wastegate linkage. Obtain the now-available spring washer kit.......P/N HL3Z-9G488-C.

1. Disconnect the question-mark-shaped bracket from the wastegate control actuator.

2. Remove the lever arm e-clip.

3. Disconnect the dogbone and question mark assembly from the turbocharger.

4. Remove the e-clip to separate the question mark and dogbone.

5. Install the spring with the curved end toward the dogbone.

6. Assemble the dogbone, spring and question mark bracket together and fasten with the e-clip.

7. Install the dogbone, spring and question mark bracket assembly onto the turbocharger.

8. Install the e-clip. The clip should be sitting next to the spring.

9. Connect the question mark bracket to the wastegate control actuator and adjust the linkage. Refer to the service manual section 303-04F.

Note: perform this repair on both turbochargers.

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