Replace RAM Turn Signal Bulbs

Owners of 2014-2017 RAM ProMaster vehicles built on or before May 24, 2017, equipped with Wide Power Heated Mirrors, Manual Mirrors Fold-Away or Power Folding/Heated Mirrors may experience “external lighting failure” indicator light with accelerated blinking during turn signal operation.

The inner turn signal amber lens may be distorted from excessive heat. The technician may find DTC B1008-18 (right turn lamp – undercurrent) and/or B1007-18 (left turn lamp – undercurrent).

The new bulbs will be an amber color and the new turn signal housing will not have an inner amber lens/filter. If a bulb is not working or the lens is distorted from heat, both the bulbs and turn signal housing should be replaced. Remove both outside mirror turn signal bulbs. Remove the two screws that hold the turn signal housing/lens to the mirror assembly and discard the old housing. Install the new turn signal housing to the mirror assembly and install the new bulbs.

Amber turn signal bulb (2)..................68374917AA

Right turn signal housing....................68374918AA

Left turn signal housing...................68374916AA

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