Fixing Mazda Shifter Condition

Some owners of 2014 Mazda6 vehicles may find it difficult to move the automatic transmission shift lever. When the driver or front passenger’s leg contacts the center console, lateral force (A) may deform the indicator slider (B), causing the slider edge to contact the arched part of the set plate (D). This may cause damage to the indicator slider (B) and/or hard A/T shift lever movement. 

Remove the front console and remove the old indicator slide and discard it. With the set plate installed on the vehicle, cut off the front and rear arched parts. Cut the four areas indicated by circles in the illustration below:

Remove the front and rear arched parts from the set plate. Refer to the following illustration.

Cut off three pieces from the front console using a suitable cutting tool. This provides additional clearance between the front console and shifter assembly as shown here:

Install a new indicator slider to the select lever unit. Install the front console in reverse order of removal and verify the repair. The new indicator slider is available as P/N K011-64-358A.

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