Tips For Servicing Chevy Volt

This bulletin applies to 2016-2019 Chevy Volt vehicles. During service of the high voltage battery, the tabs on the X3 connector could be damaged. If the tabs on the connector are broken, battery contactor assembly A28 would need to be replaced. The connector is not serviced separately.

Tips on usage: Lift and rotate the lever to place the connector in the partial-mate position. Depress the connector lock. Keep the lock depressed and rotate the lever forward to the pre-stage position. There will be an audible click sound when the connector lock disengages. Pull back on the female connector to disconnect the connector completely. When installing the connector, the terminal protectors could stick in the down position. Make sure they are pulled out. If they are stuck down, you can use a plastic trim stick or insulated screwdriver. Connectors need to be square to each other before the cam lock is engaged.

Push the cable onto Hybrid/EV Battery Connector Assembly (A28) connector until the lever begins to rotate, initiating engagement. After that, the lever can be used to complete the connection until the locks click for both the connector and the lever, indicating completion. If force seems excessive, do not proceed, as the connector on the Hybrid/EV Battery Contactor (A28) may break.

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