Stopping Volkswagen Sporadic Cylinder Misfires

This bulletin applies to all 2006-2023 Volkswagen vehicles equipped with gasoline engines (except Routan ID.4). A Volkswagen approved fuel additive is available to help remove and prevent deposits on fuel injectors and intake valves.

P0300 (random/multiple cylinder misfire detected) and/or P0301-P0308 (cylinder 1 misfire detected – cyl. 8 misfire detected) may be stored in the ECM fault memory.

If sporadic cylinder misfire faults are found and a P130A (hide cylinder fault) is not present, the concern may be related to poor quality fuel and/or deposit build-up on the fuel injectors and intake valves. With the fuel tank at least half full, pour one bottle of fuel additive P/N G 001780M3 into the fuel tank and drive the vehicle with the transmission in the “S” Sport selection to help dissolve any deposits in the engine.

This additive may be used approximately every 3,000 miles. Depending on the severity, the customer may need to add a second bottle after driving about 100 miles. If there is less than a half a tank of fuel when the additive is applied, the additive will not be as effective.

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