Quieting Chrysler Popping Noise

This bulletin applies to 2017-2018 Chrysler Pacifica vehicles. A clicking or popping noise may be heard while traveling at low speeds and while steering to the left or right.

Park the vehicle in a quiet area. Leave the transmission in Park. Place both front windows in the fully down position. Fully rotate the steering wheel ten times from the left stop to the right stop and listen for a clicking or popping noise. If the noise is heard, apply Loctite 290 to both hub joints. Remove the brake rotors. Clean the top of the hub joint with a wire brush and wipe with a rag before adding Loctite 290 to the joint.

Drip the Loctite in a continuous bead along the top of the hub bearing to the knuckle joint. The Loctite will wick into the joint. Allow the Loctite to cure for 20 minutes on each hub joint. Avoid getting any Loctite on the outboard seal of the hub bearing to avoid bearing damage. Replace the brake rotors. Verify the repair by fully rotating the steering wheel ten times from lock to lock.

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