Lincoln Missing Vent Hose May Cause PTU Leak

Some 2013-2014 Lincoln MKS vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive and built on or before Dec. 11, 2013, may exhibit power transfer unit (PTU) fluid leaking. This may be due to a PTU vent hose that is missing or disconnected.

Raise the vehicle on a hoist. If the PTU is equipped with a jiggle cap-style vent, this bulletin does not apply. Inspect for a missing or disconnected vent hose. If missing or disconnected, replace with a new hose. Clean fluid residue using Motorcraft Metal Brake Parts cleaner or equivalent.

Use caution not to introduce brake cleaner into the PTU fluid. Fill the PTU to specification. If the vehicle is equipped with a Ti-VCT engine, the hose part number is DB5Z-7034-C. If equipped with a GTDI engine, the part number is DG1Z-7034-F.

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