Stopping Acura Pull to the Right

This bulletin applies to 2014-2017 Acura RLX and 2014, 2016 and 2017 RLX Hybrid vehicles. The steering wheel may intermittently pull to the right while driving.

The probable cause: The steering rack is intermittently self-generating a pull to the right because of an EPS programming issue. If this issue is intermittent, update the EPS control unit. Otherwise, continue with normal troubleshooting. Note that this bulletin does not address/fix drift or pulling caused by alignment or tire issues. i-HDS software version 1.003.015 or later must be used (PC application version or later). 

Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the i-HDS and J2534 software are updated. You cannot apply updates with the MVCI as a stand-alone tool, To update the vehicle, you must use the MVCI or the DST-I interface in conjunction with the J2534 Rewrite PC application on the i-HDS.

YEAR/MODEL                                                                                               PROGRAM ID (or later)                                                    PROGRAM P/N  (or later)

2014-2015 RLX (Base/Base Navi/Tech/Tech Audio/Advance)                          Y2A050                                                                             39990-TY2-A05

2014 RLX Hybrid (Tech/Advance)                                                                            Y2A050                                                                            39990-TY2-A05

2016-2017 RLX (Tech/Advance)                                                                               Y3J040                                                                            39990-TY3-J04

2016-2017 RLX Hybrid (Tech/Advance)                                                                  Y3J040                                                                            39990-TY3-J04

Follow all reprogramming protocols (battery charge state, etc.). Make sure the parking brake is applied and the headlights are turned off. Update the EPS software be selecting the i-HDS Diagnostic System icon. Select J2534 Rewrite. 

Select Start and follow the screen prompts. Do not enter a bulletin number. When programming begins, the headlights will turn on and several dash MIL lights will come on. This is normal. If you receive a message that the vehicle has been already updated or that no update is available, check the EPS Data List.

The header should indicate one of the numbers shown above. When done, do an all-DTC check and clear all DTCs.     

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