Correcting Jeep Brake Pedal Sensor

This bulletin applies to 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles built on or after Nov. 29, 2016, and on or before Nov. 30, 2016. The customer may experience a momentary delay in rear stop lamp activation when applying the brake pedal. The vehicle may have the wrong stop lamp switch. The correct switch is available as P/N 68078700AE (brake pedal sensor).

1. Disconnect and isolate the battery-negative cable.

2. Remove the push pins for the silencer pad from below the steering column and disconnect the electrical connector for the light from the pad.

3. Locate the stop lamp sensor on the brake pedal support bracket under the instrument panel.

4. Disconnect the wire harness from the sensor.

5. Remove the sensor by turning it counterclockwise ¼ turn from the support bracket.

6. Discard the old sensor P/N 68236598AA (do not re-use). 

7. Install the correct sensor and reassemble.

8. Note: The two stop lamp sensors visually look identical except for the part numbers stamped on them.

Note: Whenever the stop lamp sensor is removed and reinstalled or replaced, it is necessary for the ABS module to calibrate the reinstalled/new sensor. Follow the programming steps outlined in the diagnostic scan tool for the “ABS Initialize” routine under “Miscellaneous Functions” for the ABS module menu item. Clear any DTCs that may have been set in any modules.    

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