This bulletin applies to 2015-2018 Land Rover Range Rover vehicles. Noise may be evident at the front of the vehicle at 10-40 MPH on a smooth road, described as a groaning, scraping or drone noise on vehicles produced within the following ranges:

LG Range Rover LG000001 to LG351464

LW Range Rover Sport LW100000 to LW152017

LW Range Rover Sport LW300000 to LW399999

LW Range Rover Sport LW 500000 to LW599999

LW Range Rover Sport LW600000 to LW687306

LR Discovery LR000001 to LR017639

The cause may be a poor finish of the right half shaft journal diameter which can produce a vibration and rumbling noise through the vehicle when it rotates directly against the needle rollers in the differential extension tube bearing.

Remove the right front half shaft to confirm a poor finish on the journal diameter. If a poor finish is found, replace the half shaft and differential extension tube.

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