Testing Fiat Oil Consumption

Owners of 2016-2018 Fiat 500X vehicles may comment that the engine oil level is low or they need to add oil between oil change intervals, with no visible signs of oil leakage. Following is the oil consumption verification test.

Verify that no external oil leaks are present. Correct as needed before performing the test.

1. Ensure that the vehicle has a minimum of 1500 miles until the next oil change is required.

2. Check the oil level at least five minutes after a hot shutdown, with the vehicle on a level surface.

3. Ensure that the oil level is at the FULL mark. If necessary, top off the oil to the full mark on the dipstick.

4. Tamper-proof the oil pan drain plug, oil filter, dipstick and oil fill cap with a black light marking pen, paint pen or touch-up paint. The use of a black light marking device is recommended so the marks can only be seen with an ultraviolet light.

5. Record the vehicle mileage. Note the oil level is at the full mark five minutes after a hot shutdown and record the date.

6. Instruct the owner to drive the vehicle as usual. Instruct the owner not to check oil level or add oil.

7. Require the customer to return after accumulating between 1500-1700 miles.

8. When the vehicle returns after being driven for 1500-170 miles, first verify that there is evidence of tampering (dipstick, oil drain plug, oil fill cap, oil filter).

9. Check oil level within five minutes after a hot shutdown on a level surface. If oil is at or above the ADD mark, the engine is in an acceptable condition and no further service action is required.

10. If the oil level is below the ADD mark, the engine has failed the oil consumption test and a long block replacement is required.

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