Quieting Ford Clunking Noise

Some 2018-2020 Ford Expedition 2WD vehicles may exhibit a clunk noise from the driveshaft area when shifting from reverse to drive or from drive to reverse, and/or during coast down. This condition may be caused by a slip/stick condition at the transmission output flange/anti-ting ring interface.

Remove the four driveshaft flange bolts and disconnect the driveshaft flange from the transmission output shaft flange. It is only necessary to disconnect the front driveshaft flange from the transmission.

Remove the transmission output shaft flange from the transmission. Support and position the driveshaft aside. 

Remove the anti-ting ring from the transmission output shaft flange by gently prying between the anti-ting ring and the flange.

Apply a light coat of Motorcraft High Temperature 4X4 Front Axle and Wheel Bearing Grease P/N XG-11 or equivalent to both sides of the anti-ting ring.

Apply a light coat of this grease to the transmission output shaft splines, completely covering the entire spline area. Do not allow grease in the threaded hole.

Reassemble using new driveshaft flange bolts P/N N811880-S100 and transmission output shaft flange bolt P/N HL3Z-7N134-C.

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