Installing Foam for Chevy Memory Loss Fix

This bulletin applies to 2018-2021 Chevy Equinox vehicles. Some owners may comment about a message on the instrument cluster “Open Then Close Driver Window."

They may also notice the front windows lowered enough to cause a wind noise (by about ¼-inch or more), after a drive cycle with high volume/high bass radio use. The cause of this condition may be the window motor losing memory due to speaker vibration. The fix: install foam between the window motor and inner door panel.

Remove the front door trim panel. Move the water deflector out of the way to gain access to the window motor casing. Cut dense, adhesive-backed closed-cell foam (Kent Automotive P/N 83327 or equivalent) to reach a ½-inch thickness and one-inch square (you can stack two pieces of ¼-inch thick foam adhered together to obtain a ½-inch thickness). 

Make sure that the inside of the inner door panel is clean. Adhere the foam to the inside of the inner door panel, mounting it between the end of the motor housing and the inner door panel. Reposition the water deflector and reinstall the inner door panel.

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