Positioning Jaguar BMS Clamp

This bulletin applies to Jaguar F-_ACE, F-TYPE, XE, XF and XJ vehicles. The owner may report that a low battery warning message is displayed on the instrument cluster and that the Eco stop/start is unavailable.

The cause: the battery monitoring system (BMS) clamp is not correctly positioned on the main battery terminal post. Carefully loosen and disconnect the BMS clamp from the battery pole.

Fully loosen the clamp and ensure that the jaws of the clamp are fully open. Do not use any tools or implements to lever the BMS from the battery post as this may damage the internal BMS circuitry. Replace the clamp onto the battery post, ensuring that the top of the clamp is level with or lower than the top of the battery post.

Torque the clamp bolt to 6Nm. Using SDD (symptom-driven diagnostics), reset the BMS. Carry out a battery test using the EXP-1080, following the on-screen instructions. Ensure that the battery is fully charged.

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