Milwaukee Tool Adds Picks, Hooks

April 21, 2022

Milwaukee Tool is expanding its line of hand tools with four new hose picks and two new sets of picks.

These new hooks and picks feature an all-metal core for up to 50% more durability, a larger shank, and a more durable tip designed to remove hoses. The comfort grip handles give users increased tool control and comfort while resisting harsh chemicals commonly found in garages that cause grips to deteriorate.

Each pick has a specific angle for different applications. They feature reinforced metal tips that resist bending. The flat pick provides puncture protection and reduces damage to hoses. These chrome-plated tools provide rust protection and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

The sets come in a durable storage tray for easy access and organization.

4pc Hose Pick Set                                                            48-22-9217

8pc Hook & Pick Set                                                         48-22-9218  

Hose Pick – Flat                                                                45-74-9211

Hose Pick – Hook                                                             45-74-9215

Hose Pick – 90 Degree                                                     45-74-9213 

Hose Pick – 45 Degree                                                      45-74-9214

Mini Hook and Pick set                                                      48-22-9215