Snap-on Diagnostic Tool Combines Thermal and Laser Modes

Feb. 22, 2022

Snap-on Diagnostics, a division of Snap-on Inc., announced its new diagnostic laser that features both laser and thermal components.

The Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Laser combines temperature readings of up to 1,800°F and thermal imaging capabilities, all in one tool, the company says.

The two-in-one system is for jobs such as checking inlet and outlet temperatures of catalytic converters. Snap-on says thermal imaging can help speed up the diagnostic process across a multitude of systems, including powertrain and exhaust, body and electrical, chassis and brakes and HVAC.

The thermal laser features thermal image blending, plus a visible-light camera to provide more detail, and delta reading in laser mode to capture highs, lows and delta, according to Snap-on.

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