CRP Automotive Releases Rein Automotive Water Pump Kit

April 11, 2023

CRP Automotive, a subsidiary of CPR Industries, has developed a first-to-market water pump assembly kit that services some of the most popular BMW applications from 2007-2010.

The Rein Automotive Water Pump Assembly Kit (CRP P/N WPU0505) has been designed to improve upon the OE design and includes an all-aluminum water pump housing, replacing the OE’s plastic version.

“One of the most common complaints of OE water pump assembly for these BMW 6-cylinder, 3.0L engines is that the plastic housings had a tendency to crack at around 50-60,000 miles, due to high vibration and heat,” says Christian Eichstaedt, director of product innovation, CRP Automotive.

“The resulting crack would lead to a loss of coolant that would eventually short the electrical portion of the pump. CRP developed this Rein Water Pump kit with an all-aluminum pump housing to combat this issue, while also replacing the plastic flange and plug with aluminum components to further reinforce the repair. Technicians who choose this kit can be assured that their repair will hold.”

The Rein Water Pump Assembly Kit includes all of the hoses, clamps, bolts and necessary hardware required to complete a service. The kit also includes aluminum mounting screws and any application specific components.

Rein Water Pump Assembly Kits are available for BMW models including the 2008-10 135I, 2007-10 335I, 2009-10 335I XDRIVE and 2007-08 335XI. Application coverage for the kit exceeds 100,000 VIO across the United States and Canada.