Autel Energy Announces Autel Energy Innovation Center

Sept. 12, 2023

Autel Energy – whose parent company is Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. Ltd – announced the opening of the Autel Energy Innovation Center, its new research and development campus in Anaheim, Calif.

The two-story building will provide a place for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and strategic commercial partners to “test the integration of third-party products with Autel Energy hardware and software before entering them into the market," according to Autel officials.

“The Autel Energy Innovation Center represents our commitment to our partners’ success as well to the success of the EV industry in the United States and abroad,” says Frank Li, chairman of Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. Ltd.

“We are extremely proud of the effort our team has made to realize our brand vision, and we look forward to the Innovation Center serving as a prized part of our operations on the West Coast.”

The new center will launch under the direction of Shane Long, chief technology officer at Autel Energy.

The center will provide a space for activities, including product and vehicle integration testing and shine a light on the performance, viability and scalability of products under development.

Plans for the site include an executive briefing center for showing Autel products and technology platforms and a training center for introducing technical support engineers to the latest product features.

“I’m excited to invite our partners to visit us here in Anaheim,” says Long.

“In addition to the latest product features, they will be able to learn about Autel Energy hardware and software installations, servicing, security and preventative maintenance. Our goal is to create a smooth transition from initial onboarding through the lifecycle of our products.

Trainees will be able to earn certifications in the use and servicing of Autel Energy products upon completion of their courses at the center, Long added.