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Tool review: Beta driver tools -- a sampling of the Italian brand

OK, so what’s so neat about yet another set of hand drivers and a ratchet? That’s what I wondered when I started to examine a small selection of hand tools from Beta Tools. I was pleasantly surprised.


Tool review: Snap-on CT8810A cordless impact wrench

Yes, we’re reviewing yet another cordless impact wrench. While I prefer to “mix it up” in terms of tool species, there has been a notable increase in cordless tool offerings, so when something new pops up, we want to make our readers aware.


Tool review: Innova 4400 coil and module tester

Is the coil good or bad? During the recent Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX) Show in Las Vegas, Innova debuted its 4400 Coil and Control Module Tester, a counter-top diagnostic unit ideal for both shops and parts stores. The bench-top tester is designed to safely and easily test the circuitry of conventional ignition coils, coil-on-plug coils (COP), distributorless ignition systems (DIS) and electronic ignition modules (EIM).


Tool review: Mac Tools’ digital torque wrench model TWM265IDA

This review covers Mac Tools’ 1/4-inch drive digital torque wrench, model TWM265IDA. Three additional digital torque wrenches are also available, all with torque value selections in in.-lbs., ft.-lbs., Nm and kg.cm.


Tool Review: CP7732 impact wrench -- An ultra-compact workhorse

It seems as though every pneumatic tool maker these days is offering a compact version within their impact wrench lineup. Another welcome entry in this increasingly popular market is Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7732. This model features a 1/2-inch drive, while its cousin, CP7731, features a 3/8-inch drive. Here we’ll review the 1/2-inch drive model


Tool review: Disc brake analyzer

A very handy specialty tool that I’ve recently discovered is Innovative Products’ Disc Brake System Analyzer, P/N 7884, which features a pair of precision mechanical pressure gauges.


Tool review: Jump-N-Carry jump starter -- Portable model packs a punch for quick battery boost

Portable battery jump starters are a mainstay of just about every shop, especially dealerships and fleet shops. The convenience of a portable battery pack is obvious, allowing a weak battery to be jump-start boosted quickly enough to allow an engine start for vehicles parked in storage lots or to rescue a stranded motorist.


Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces

What appealed to me about the M7 (Mighty-Seven) 1/2-inch-drive air wrench from King Tony of America is its ultra-stubby size. It’s the cutest, shortest 1/2-inch-drive air wrench that I’ve had the pleasure to try.


Tool Review: Mac Tools cordless 3/8-inch wrench

The range of high-quality cordless electric power tools is quickly expanding. Torque and battery life is increasing, and the toughness and durability demanded by pro technicians is increasingly being met. To provide insight into a new offering, here we’ll review one of the latest Mac Tools cordless impact wrenches.


Tool review: Guardair Gun Vac

Roll-around shop vacs are handy devices that we’ve used for decades. Every shop has at least one that’s parked under a workbench. Plug it in, add an extension cord for dragging it to extended locations, suck up floor or bench debris, roll it over to the trash can, remove the top, empty the can, clean the filter, reassemble and store until needed again.

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