Facepay Partners With Pit Crew CoOp

Dec. 29, 2020

Facepay, a contactless pay technology, has partnered with Pit Crew CoOp to further encourage growth through established customer reward programs. Users of the 0% fee payment system can now add on a comprehensive rewards card program to encourage referrals and boost customer retention.

Todd Westerlund, chief revenue officer at Facepay, and Jeff Rudnick, executive director of the Pit Crew CoOp, announced their partnership as a way for Facepay customers to easily take advantage of the many benefits of a customer rewards program.  

“Pit Crew and Facepay are both 100% focused on doing what's right for shop owners and for the shop owners’ clients,” Rudnick says. “Because of the COVID-19 virus, contactless payment really has become essential, and I’m excited to partner with a trusted company providing that.”

Facepay technology eliminates credit card fees by facilitating transactions through direct debit, saving shop operators an average of $30,000 to $50,000 annually. The Pit Crew CoOp partnership presents a way for owners to utilize a portion of their increased savings to improve customer service through reward dollars. Each customer can then choose to spend their rewards on future services and repairs, or to give back to a non-profit or community organization.

“The rewards program allows consumers to donate a piece of their rewards, making the customer feel that they are a part of the shop giving back,” Rudnick explains.

“Shop owners can either give $50,000 to a credit card company, or they can utilize the Facepay and Pit Crew partnership to provide a direction on how to spend that money, including a way to give back to charity,” Westerlund says.

For more information on Facepay, visit www.facepay.io or email Westerlund directly at [email protected]. Further details on Pit Crew CoOp can be found at www.pitcrewmarketing.com.

Facepay eliminates credit card fees for service businesses by bridging contactless payments with blockchain technology. The innovative technology moves customers to direct debit by making the process easy and engaging. All users, merchants, and transactions that comprise the platform are written using contracts and are inherently secure. 

The Pit Crew Rewards Program has a suite of benefits that cut one and done customers in half by offering rewards dollars, roadside assistance, new customer referrals, community outreach, and charitable giving eWardMe. The established rewards program increases retention and overall customer loyalty, says the company.