CRP Automotive Offers Rein Automotive Coolant Hoses

Dec. 18, 2020

CRP Automotive is offering a range of Rein Automotive coolant hoses for direct OE replacement on 2010-2013 Ford Transit Connect models. These are the same hoses manufactured by the OEM and are identical to the OE hose.

CRP Automotive offers eight SKUs within their coolant hose program for Ford Transit Connect vehicles, delivering applications for over 150,000 VIO in the U.S. and Canada.

The complete Rein Automotive coolant hose program includes radiator hoses, engine coolant hoses, heater hoses, and a variety of other hoses found inside the engine bay of today’s more technologically complex vehicles. The hoses include all of the branches, clamps, and quick connect fittings needed to complete the job efficiently, making them an ideal solution for technicians.

The Rein Automotive undercar program features easy lookup on CRP’s online application catalog that can be accessed through the CRP Automotive or Rein Automotive brand websites,, or Show Me the Parts,

CRP Automotive is a business unit of CRP Industries. Its family of brands includes AAE Steering System Components, Rein Replacement Parts, Pentosin Technical Fluids and AJUSA Gaskets.  

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