RatLite Drives Rodents Out of Vehicle Engines

Nov. 23, 2020
RatLite LLC, a San Diego-based start-up founded by a laser physicist, is introducing a new version of its device designed to drive rodents out of vehicle engine compartments and other small spaces.

RatLite features LED light technology and comes in a rugged case able to survive extreme temperatures, moisture and bumps.

At this time of year, rats and other rodents are looking for warmth and shelter in vehicles and damaging interiors and engine wires, requiring costly repairs. They also are geting into residential and commercial sheds/garages and storage areas of RVs.

“We’ve seen an increase in sales as the weather begins to cool,” says Richard Morton, RatLite inventor, who spent 36 years as a laser physicist before moving into the pest control field. “There are many solutions available for consumers and professionals, but they aren’t as effective and safe as RatLite.”

RatLite features advanced light technology that rodents can’t tolerate. The small device works by flash-blinding the pests when they enter an engine compartment or other dark, enclosed space by rapidly flashing both green and ultraviolet LED lights at about 10 times a second. The lights drive them away, instead of killing them like poisons, toxic chemicals, and traps. 

“I’m amazed by the number of people who come into my shop with damage caused by rodents, especially rats,” says Tim Redmond, owner of Fallbrook Motors in Fallbrook, Calif. “They’ve all tried poisons and sonic solutions, but they just didn’t work. RatLite does exactly what it’s supposed to do; eliminate rodents.”

Simply affixed to a flat surface with a supplied adhesive, RatLites flash 24/7 and last for five years (40,000 hours), thanks to extremely efficient electronic circuitry. The devices have their own power supply, so no additional wiring or external power sources are needed.  

For more information, see www.RatLite.com.