EZ-Collets App Improves Accuracy, Saves Time

Nov. 12, 2020

Designed to help service technicians choose the correct tools for their specific wheel balancing jobs, the new Hofmann EZ-Collets app will provide a faster setup, help improve balancing accuracy and ensure rim protection.

“The Hofmann EZ-Collets app is a unique application that will help service technicians perform their wheel balancing jobs quickly and efficiently,” says Mariana Montovaneli, director, marketing for Hofmann. “By using the EZ-Collets app on their mobile device, service technicians can find the best collet, flange, or quick plate for a wheel balancing job. They can also compare balancing tool options and the benefits of each as well as view information about the tire and rim of the selected vehicle.”

The EZ-Collets mobile app is free to download through the Apple and Google stores and requires an email activation to use.

For more information, visit https://us.hofmann-equipment.com/en/.

Hofmann is a Snap-on Inc. brand.