Mevotech Offers Upgraded Control Arm Bushing

Nov. 12, 2020

Mevotech has released a new upgraded spherical control arm bushing for popular 2019-2011 Ford and Lincoln vehicles. 

The rear upper control arm on these vehicles feature a “block type” rearward bushing. Due to suspension design and geometry, this bushing is under constant radial load, which can be exacerbated under heavy-duty conditions. 

The OE style bushings use a plastic bearing, which may quickly deform while under constant loading forces. This can lead to premature failure of the part in just 20,000 miles. 

Mevotech developed the MS404320 in conjunction with feedback from professional technicians to address concerns of premature part failure. Replacing the OE-style plastic bearing, it uses a spherical greaseable sintered metal bearing engineered to extend the part’s service life. 

Additionally, a spherical stud is used for full range of motion and the housing is converted from a lightweight aluminum to full steel forging. These improvements increase durability and create a part build to perform. 

All fastenings and hardware are included to eliminate installation headaches. 

The MS404320 covers 2019-2011 Ford and Lincoln passenger and SUV vehicles with a North American VIO of over 2.4 million.

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