New Intake Fix Is Available for Subaru

This bulletin announces the availability of new intake manifold assemblies for 2017-2020 Subaru Impreza, 2018-2020 Crosstrek and Crosstrek Hybrid. 

These new manifolds include enhanced TGV (tumble generator valve, designed to reduce emissions at low speeds) assemblies to address related DTCs which may set as a result of lubricant contained within the actuator of the TGV leaking and being drawn into the engine. 

Over time, the TGV operation can become erratic and cause any of the following to set: P2004, P2205, P2006, P2007, P2009 and/or P2012. The internal sealing of the TGV actuator assembly has been optimized to eliminate lubricant leakage into the engine. Since the TGV component is not serviced separately, the intake manifold assembly must be replaced when a failure is confirmed.


14001AC501.............................Crosstrek and Impreza

14001AC631............................. Crosstrek Hybrid (PHEV)

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