Papers Endorse Right to Repair in Massachusetts

Oct. 23, 2020

A number of newspapers have endorsed “Question 1,” the item on Massachusetts’ upcoming ballot that if passed, would preserve independent auto service shops’ access to telematically transmitted repair and diagnostic data.

“While the battle has been hard-fought and expensive, the Auto Care Association is pleased that the most influential publications in the state have seen through the negative advertising campaign being funded by the vehicle manufacturers and have unanimously urged their readers to vote ‘yes’ on Question 1,” says Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. 

“We trust that voters in the state will agree with these publication that the right to repair is important and that advances in vehicle technology should not be used to limit the ability for owners to have their vehicle repaired by the shop of their choice,” said Hanvey.   

Publications endorsing “Question 1”  include: 

  • The Boston Globe, which on Oct. 13 declared that, “The reason the new Right to Repair measure should pass is simple: It is inherently unfair for car manufacturers to have sole access to a vehicle’s mechanical data, because it gives their dealerships an advantage over independent auto repair shops. That ultimately hurts consumers, because with limited options come higher prices.”

  • The Boston Business Journal, which on Oct. 15 maintained that, “Without the ability to repair cars equipped with wireless electronics, repair shops will see declines in business in coming years as car owners are forced to get repairs done at more expensive dealerships. In the end, more of the millions of dollars that Bay State residents spend every year to fix their cars would go to out-of-state manufacturers. More neighborhood car-repair shops will go out of business."

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