What to do When the Jaguar ECU Won’t Listen

This bulletin applies to Jaguar E-PACE, F-PACE, I-Pace and F-TYPE vehicles. When attempting to complete the PATHFINDER applications “Replace ECU” or “Update ECU” for the image processing module B (IPMB), there is an error message displayed “No response from ECU.”

After this fault occurs, the module does not report any software parts and the camera system is inoperative. When PATHFINDER attempts to erase the previous software from the module, it does not wait enough time for a response. This results in the user being displayed the error message “No response from ECU”.

  1. Restart the JLR (jaguar Land Rover) approved diagnostic equipment.

  2. Select :Manual Patch” icon on the application launcher screen. Make sure that both symptom driven diagnostics (SDD) and PATHFINDER are closed before opening the manual patch downloader.

  3. A pop-up will be displayed for manual patch downloader.

  4. Enter MP_PF_R0077 in the patch name field.

  5. Select  “Start”.

  6. The manual patch downloader will then download the manual patch.

  7. When the patch download has completed, a message will be displayed asking the user to confirm that the application can run the manual patch. Select “Yes.” 

  8. When complete, the following message will be displayed: “Successfully downloaded and started manual patch. Please make sure that the patch has been installed successfully.”  Note that this message will end after 10 seconds.

  9. Start a new diagnostic session.

  10. Select “ECU Diagnosis.”

  11. Select “Image Process Control Module” (IPMB).

  12. Select “Update ECU” or “Replace ECU” as required. If this manual patch fails to correct the concern, a technical assistance (TA) should be raised using the manual patch number as a reference within the customer field.

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