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Fixing Chevy Glow Plug Fail

Certain 2018-2019 Chevy Silverado trucks equipped with a 6.6L diesel engine may have a condition that could cause the engine glow plugs to fail. If this occurs, the MIL will be illuminated and a DTC will set (P0671-P0678...glow plug circuit open; P1338-P133F...glow plug offset exceeded learning limit; P06C5-P06CC...glow plug incorrect). 

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Boots-R-US Gets New Website

Protoco Enterprises LLC brand, Boots-R-US, has released its new website - which features protective covers for Milwaukee, DeWalt tools and more. The new website offers search functionalities to find the protective cover best suited for the air or cordless power tool an automotive repair professional would like to protect.  

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