Hyundai ATF Level Check

This applies to checking automatic transmission fluid levels on 2012-2016 Hyundai Genesis and Equus 5.0L, 2013-2016 Genesis Coupe 2.0/3.8L, and 2017 and later Genesis G80/G90.

Remove the plastic shield under the transmission.

If the ATF has been completely drained, go to Step 3. To check ATF level, go to Step 5.

Turn the engine off, shift to neutral and lift the vehicle on a hoist. Use an 8mm or 5/16” hex wrench and remove the fill plug and washer.

Remove the overflow plug. Use a fluid pump or suction gun to add SPH-IV-RR ATF through the fill plug until ATF flows from the overflow plug. Reinstall the overflow plug and fill plug.

Attach a GDS and select vehicle, Data Analysis, A/T menu and Oil Temperature Sensor. Move the shift lever from P-R-D and back to P. Drive the vehicle until the ATF is at the low end of the range of 122-140 degrees F.

Start the engine, shift to neutral and raise the vehicle. Remove the fill plug and overflow plug. Add SPH-IV-RR ATF through the fill plug until the ATF flows out of the overflow. Reinstall the overflow plug and torque the plug to 16-18 ft-lb (21-24 Nm). Reinstall the fill plug and washer and torque to 27-33 ft-lb (33-44 Nm).

Note the locations of the drain plug and overflow plug.

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