Owners of 2016 Porsche Boxster vehicles may complain about a loss of engine coolant, visible on the underside of the engine where the vehicle was parked. Sometimes a yellow warning light comes on in the instrument cluster with the message “Refill coolant observe engine temperature.”

The cause may be component tolerances between the coolant pipe flange and distributor housing. In the event of a complaint, install the additional “water tube retaining bar”.

Remove the cover for the rear underbody. Allow the coolant to cool down. Wear protective gear. Ensure that there is good ventilation. The coolant does not need to be drained in order to carry out this work, as the coolant pipe is not removed and the cooling system is not opened.

Unscrew screws “1” on the coolant regulator housing. Clean the sealing surface for the water tube retaining bar on the flange. Install the water tube retaining bar P/N 9A1.106.338.00 using new longer screws M6 x 35, P/N 900.385.270.01.Tighten screws “2” to “4” in the sequence 2-3-4 to 9.5 ft-lbs (13 Nm). Re-tighten screws 2 to 4 again in the same sequence to the same value. Install the rear underbody cover. Check engine coolant level and add if needed.

Install the water tube retaining bar using longer M6 x 35 screws. 

The retaining bar (1) is shown here. Tighten screws 2, 3 and 4 to 9.5 ft-lb and repeat torque at the same value.

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