This bulletin applies to BMW 2, 3, 4 and 5 series vehicles produced to December 20, 2014, with the N20 and N26 engines. The Service Engine Soon (MIL) light may be on with DTC 195002 (differential pressure sensor, tank vent valve, electrical short circuit to ground) stored.

During engine operation, vibration and movement of the sensor can damage the pin contacts of the harness connector or cause a break in the wiring. Perform diagnosis with the latest version of ISTA. Install a differential pressure sensor repair harness, which is spliced in at the DME connector. It now includes a harness clip to secure it to the ventilation pipe to prevent any future damage. The adapter repair harness is available as P/N 12 51 8 645 886.

The replacement harness is then secured to the plastic ventilation pipe with the supplied clip.

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