When diagnosing a 2015 BMW 528i equipped with a 2.0L engine, you may experience a “The head unit has an invalid IP address” message appearing at the start of am ISTA/P session.

When ISTA/P starts a programming session, the following message may appear: “The head unit has an invalid IP address.” If programming is performed under these conditions, the head unit and all other dependent control units (control units connected to MOST bus) may not be programmed. If this message appears in ISTA/P, do not proceed with programming. First check if the Ethernet line between the central vehicle gateway (ZGW, FEM, BDC) and the head unit is working correctly.

  1. Carry out a five-minute battery reset.

  2. Start an ISTA diagnostic session and run the following test plan:
    A. Vehicle management/troubleshooting/function structure/03 body/audio, video, navigation, telephone (LOST Ring)/ current fault patterns/ABL “Invalid IP address for the head unit at start of ISTA/P session.”
    B. Vehicle management/troubleshooting/function structure/body/audio video navi tel/head unit/devices connected to head unit. When running the test module, please select “Ethernet to ZGW/FEM/BDC.”

  3. If the test plan indicates an error, please use the wiring diagram and physically inspect the Ethernet wiring between the central vehicle gateway and head unit for short circuits, bent pins, etc.

  4. If the fault persists, use the wiring diagrams in ISTA to check the Ethernet wiring in the vehicle (check the plug connection and check for continuity, shorts and bent pins). If a fault in the wiring cannot be identified, replace the ICOM and remove the ICOM OBD connecting cable.

  5. If the pop-up message “Invalid IP address” continues coming up in ISTA/P, try to disconnect the ISSS/ISID from network and hardwire ISSS/ISID directly to the vehicle for programming.

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