This bulletin applies to 2009-2017 Chevy Equinox, Impala, Malibu and Traverse vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. Some customers may comment that the check engine light is illuminated. In rare cases, they may also comment that there is no PRNDL display. When checking for DTCs, technicians may find P182E set as active or history in the TCM (transmission control module). 

  1. Verify proper shift cable adjustment.

  2. Verify proper ECM Park/Neutral switch status in all ranges.

  3. Verify proper internal mode switch (IMS) A/B/C/P parameters in all ranges.

  4. Operate the vehicle within the conditions for running the DTC and freeze frame/failure records data in an attempt to duplicate the DTC. If the DTC does not reset, replace the IMS (lever, manual shift detent with shaft position switch assembly). If the DTC does reset, complete circuit/system testing steps. If DTC U0101 is set as active or history in the EBCM (electronic brake control module), it should be ignored as it has been found to be falsely setting.

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