Audi May Have Improperly Seated Bump Stop

July 16, 2020

This bulletin applies to all 2015-2019 Audi vehicles. A clunking or rattling noise may be heard from the rear suspension when the vehicle is driven over bumps. The noises can be caused by an improperly seated rear bump stop, which occurs when the rear bump stop was not fully inserted into the rear shock absorber mounting.

A special bump stop installation tool, P/N SET900 was developed to aid in the installation of rear bump stops.  This tool provides the necessary leverage to seat the rear bump stop in the shock absorber mounting.

To ensure proper installation of rear bump stops (in models without air suspension), clean the top of the rear bump stops and coat with tire mounting paste. Use the SET900 tool to fully press the rear bump stops in the upper shock mounts. The tool allows you to properly seat the bump stops which will prevent them from dropping out of the rear upper mounts and causing the noise.