Chevy Blazer May Run Rough or Stall

July 28, 2020

This bulletin applies to certain 2019 Chevy Blazer vehicles. These vehicles may have a condition where the engine may run rough or hesitate and eventually the vehicle may stall and not restart. The issue involves the ground terminal and harness.

Open the hood and locate the G113 ground terminal ring on the right side of the engine. Verify the correct installation of the ground terminal ring to the engine. If the tab on the ground terminal is positioned toward the rear of the engine, it is in the proper location. If the ground ring tab is rotated in a different direction, the wire connection on the ring may be bent or a strain may exist on the wire. 

Remove the air cleaner assembly and unbolt the G113 ground terminal ring from the engine. Unwrap the harness tape from the G113 branch. Locate the end of the shrink tube on the ground terminal and cut the wire at this location. Discard the ground terminal.

Obtain a terminal kit (P/N NPN and connector 19300091). Prepare the service terminal kit wire length. Measure 123 mm (4.85 in) from the center of the bolt hole in the ground terminal and cut to length. Install the new terminal kit. Re-wrap the harness branch as needed. Install the G113 ground terminal ring. 

Ensure that the tab on the ring is facing the rear of the engine. Tighten the ring’s bolt to 80 in-lb (9 Nm). Reinstall the air cleaner assembly and clear any DTCs.