TechForce Foundation Promotes Service Technician Careers

July 30, 2020

From Aug. 24 to Sept.11, TechForce Foundation, with the help of its partners (including 10 Missions Media, the publisher of Auto Service Professional magazine), will be showcasing the social and economic potentials of pursuing an education and career as a technician.

TechForce invites industry members to share their stories and accomplishments as transportation technicians. "We also invite employers to showcase their workforce and join us in reminding the public that our country depends on its techs, now more than ever," the foundation says. 

To promote a career as a professional technician, free marketing materials are available on the foundation's website such as stock print and digital ads, billboards, posters and flyers that the industry may use to promote FutureTech Success..

Through these materials, TechForce hopes to educate the public about how and why these careers are no longer “blue collar,” but now “new collar;” teach people that techs aren’t being replaced by technology, but rather advanced by it; and show firsthand how real techs are building rich and fulfilling lives because they’re a tech.

TechForce also has available educator resources such as flyers and posters, plus it offers tips for engaging with future techs, ads to use to promote being a technician, and a multitude of management resources on such topics as communicating with millennials in the workplace, retaining female techs and why technicians quit.

It also offers technician resources such as information on the interview and hiring process for career advancement. 

For information and to download materials, go to