Condensation Causes Leaky Lincoln

Aug. 11, 2020

Some 2018-2020 Lincoln Navigator vehicles built on or after Aug. 31, 2018, may exhibit a water leak on the right front floor during or after A/C use. This may be due to condensation from the evaporator drain tube entering the vehicle through the drain tube itself. 

Raise the vehicle and remove the right front wheel. Remove the right front fender splash shield. 

Using needle-nose pliers, remove and discard the metal shield from the evaporator drain tube by bending the tabs away from the tube. Lube the inside of the newly acquired  elbow (P/N 4M2Z-6A614-AA) with water. 

Install the short end of the elbow tube onto the drain tube. Clean the surface of the elbow, drain seal and surrounding sheet metal with isopropyl alcohol. Apply heat shield tape (Nashua 324A or 3M 3340 Foil Tape) over the elbow. 

Reinstall the right front fender splash shield and wheel. Be sure to inspect the carpet for dampness and/or odor and service as needed.