Continental Hydraulic Brake Parts Cover Wide Range

April 29, 2020

Continental says its line of ATE hydraulic brake parts is available for a wide spectrum of makes and models.

The line includes “a comprehensive range of brake boosters, calipers, hydraulic control units, master cylinders, hydraulic hoses, and wheel cylinders,” according to company officials.

“Continental offers excellent application coverage and availability for a wide spectrum of European vehicle makes and models.”

To complement its hydraulic brake parts program, Continental also offers a range of DOT 4 replacement brake fluids formulated to meet specific vehicle performance and safety requirements.

This includes ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid, which is designed for ESP, ABS, and ASR electronic brake systems; ATE SL for hydraulic brake and clutch systems; and ATE Typ 200 “for the extreme demands of high performance and racing applications.”

“Every ATE component is made to meet and exceed OE manufacturer specifications and rigorously tested for endurance and reliability,” says Dan Caciolo, head of Article management for Continental Independent Aftermarket Powertrain and Brake Systems.