Dual-head LED leak detection flashlight

April 3, 2013

Tracer Articles has introduced the Tracerline Vio-Blu cordless, dual-head LED flashlight for locating all automotive system leaks.

The Vio-Blu features a high-output True UV LED at one end and a super-bright blue light LED at the other. As a result, it provides optimal fluorescent response and contrast, regardless of the type of dye, notes Tracer. This ensures that all leaks glow brilliantly.

The True UV LED fluoresces all Tracerline universal/ester and PAG A/C dyes, as well as TP-3400, TP-3405, TP-3900 and TP-3940 fluid dyes. Leaks can be seen even without using the yellow glasses provided. The blue light LED works with all oil-based dyes, including difficult-to-fluoresce yellow dyes.

With an inspection range of up to 25 feet (7.6 m), this compact, lightweight lamp allows for easy access into tight, cramped areas. Its corrosion-resistant, anodized body stands up to years of heavy use. The Vio-Blu has a service life of 100,000 hours for each LED.

For more information visit www.tracerline.com.