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Honda: Two Pedals at Once a Bad Idea

This bulletin applies to 2011 Honda Fit vehicles. If the customer complains about a loss of power, but the vehicle checks out OK and has no set DTCs, the issue might be the normal workings of the brake override system.


New Dodge Fuel Filter Setup

This bulletin applies to 2009 Dodge Ram vehicles equipped with a Cummins 6.7L diesel engine (sales code ETJ) and built after Dec. 15, 2008, and to all 2009 6.7L with sales code ETJ.


Ford Water Warning

Ford cautions about the use of tap water when final flushing the cooling system of a 6.0L or 6.4L diesel engine in 2003-2010 F-Super Duty trucks. The use of tap water in some geographic areas can lead to unacceptable scaling and/or corrosion within the cooling system (water jackets/passages) as well as decreased coolant pump life.


Mazda Windshield Warning

Mazda cautions against attempting repairs to windshields that are equipped with forward sensing cameras and lasers.


Kia Recall Reminder

Kia Motors America initiated a recall of certain model year 2014-2015 Soul vehicles manufactured from July 21, 2013, to Jan. 8, 2015, due to a section of the accelerator pedal that may bend and fracture.


Nissan Turbo Tip

This bulletin applies to 2011-2017 Nissan Juke vehicles equipped with a turbocharger. When a turbocharger is replaced for any reason, be sure to also replace the Tube-Turbocharger Oil Feed (oil supply/inlet tube).


Audi Damper Control

This bulletin applies to 2017 Audi A5 Quattro vehicles equipped with self-levelling suspension with electronic damper control. The warning lamp for damper control may be illuminated.  DTC B200FF0 may be stored in the drivetrain control module, J775 (address word 0074) or in the electronic damping control module or J250 (address word 0014). The DTC indicates an internal malfunction with symptom code 4456587.


Subaru Changes Purge System

This bulletin applies to 2011 and later Subaru Legacy vehicles equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, specifically starting with VIN B*264171.


Sticking Lifter?

Owners of 2010-2018 Chevy Camaros may experience an SES light on, and engine misfire and/or a chirp, squeak or tick engine noise. If the SES light is on, the technician will find a P0300-P0308 DTC with misfires counting on a single cylinder that may or may not be felt. This may occur consistently or intermittently.


Caddy Steering Position DTC

In rare cases, some owners of 2014 Cadillac Escalade vehicles equipped with a 6.2L engine may comment about the Service StabiliTrak message being displayed in the DIC. The StabiliTrak light may also be on.

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