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Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces
Got gas? Get ready for fuel delivery diagnostics
R/R/R roundup: R134a recover/recycle/recharge equipment
Tire pressure monitoring systems

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GM MDI cable issue

Owners of various 2010-2013 GM vehicles may experience a Service Stability/Traction message, if the vehicle is equipped with electric steering.

Bimmer diesel DEF

This TSB applies to 2011 BMW E90 vehicles equipped with the M57Y diesel engine. The Service Engine Soon lamp may be illuminated, with code FC 4D35 (reducing agent metering valve plausibility) stored in the DDE 7.3.

Ram towing woes

Owners of 2011 RAM 3500, 4500/5500 Cab Chassis vehicles may notice a difficulty in climbing steep grades at maximum gross combined weight rating while the vehicle is in third and fourth gears. This usually happens when towing a trailer. This could also be described as a lug-down feeling in third and fourth gear.

Nissan no-start

This bulletin has been developed to address complaints of an engine which cranks normally but is difficult to start or will not start at all.


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ATP offers cabin air filters for 2015 Volkswagen and Audi models

ATP Inc. announced its ATP Automotive division is the first to offer cabin air filter coverage for popular 2015 Volkswagen and Audi models.

Automotive Parts Associates adds All European to its membership

Automotive Parts Associates Inc. (APA) has announced that All European Auto Supply Inc. is its newest member.

DENSO expands starter/alternator coverage

DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc. reports 238 new part numbers have been added to its latest starter and alternator catalog (SA-CAT-0314), expanding coverage to a total of more than 201.6 million units in operation (UIO) for alternators and 200.5 million UIO for starters.

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