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Tool Review: CP7732 impact wrench -- An ultra-compact workhorse
Alternator decouplers: Servicing these vibration-reducing pulleys
Twin-post lifts: Safety and maintenance tips
ECU soft resets: Killing power to on-board modules does wonders in diagnosis and repair

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2000-2009 GM vehicles with OnStar Gen 6 or 7 Continental built VCI M may exhibit current or history DTC B2476. The customer may report an intermittent red OnStar status LED. The OnStar status LED will be illuminated in red if the DTC is current. This may be a normal condition.

Finicky Ford Focus

Some 2013 Ford Focus vehicles equipped with a DPS6 transmission and built on or before 3-23-2013 may exhibit a repeated clicking noise from the transmission after opening the driver’s door and/or using the key fob to unlock the door, prior to starting the engine after the vehicle has been stationary for longer than 30 minutes.

Funky Toyota 4WD

Some 2003-2012 Toyota 4Runner, 2007-2012 FJ Cruiser and 2005-2012 Tacoma vehicles equipped with part-time 4WD may exhibit a flashing 4WD indicator light and inoperative 4WD system.

Focus beep

Some 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST vehicles may exhibit a beeping sound from the engine area during KOEO (key off, engine off) or briefly after starting the engine. This concern is caused by the Engine Sound Symposer re-initializing unnecessarily.


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Mitchell 1 creates mobile system for service

Auto repair shops can extend their shop management systems into the driveway and service bays with Mobile ManagerPro, a wireless program that works with any Android tablet and is fully integrated with Mitchell 1's Manager SE.

Cardone's fall parts guide has new products and hard-to-find parts

Cardone Industries Inc.'s latest parts guide highlights new products and hard-to-find parts.

Investment firm buys stake in The Hybrid Shop

The Hybrid Shop LLC (THS) has sold a 38% stake in its hybrid and electric vehicle conditioning business to an equity partner.

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