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BMW Pulse

A pulsing or droning noise may be heard from the front of the vehicle on 2012 BMW 7-series models. The auxiliary water pump or the water hoses that lead from it may be in contact with adjacent components, or the auxiliary pump may be installed incorrectly on the rubber mount. Harmonic vibration from the auxiliary water pump is being transferred through the bracket that supports the pump.

Resurfacing No-No

This bulletin applies to 2013 and prior GM passenger cars and trucks equipped with the drum and hat parking brake design.

VW Steering Angle Sensor

This bulletin applies to all 2010 and later VW models (example: 2013 Passat). It may be noted during a Guided Functions or Vehicle Self Diagnosis scan that address word 04 for the steering angle sensor displays active. A direct communication to the steering angle sensor is not possible through this view.

Town & Country No-Start

Some owners of 2011-2012 Chrysler Town & Country vehicles may experience an intermittent no-start condition. Upon further investigation the technician may also find DTC B2224 (SKREEM) Sentry Key Remote Entry Module Internal or U0236 (Lost Communication with Column Lock Module) has been set (active or stored).


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U.S. Communities Selects Advance Auto Parts As Parts Provider

Advance Auto Parts Inc. has been selected as the exclusive automotive parts and accessories supplier to the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. The partnership between Advance and U.S. Communities will extend through December 2019, and signifies an extension and expansion of the benefits and services Advance began providing to U.S. Communities agencies in 2011.

Tenneco Launches 2017 Expert Plus Loyalty Program

Tenneco Inc. has launched the 2017 Expert Plus loyalty program for automotive service providers with an array of point-of-sale tools and features designed to help members increase service volume.

Denso Adds TPMS Sensor Coverage for 10 Million Vehicles

Denso Products and Services Americas Inc. has added 14 part numbers to its selection of First Time Fit tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors. The new part numbers add coverage for more than 10 million European and Korean vehicles.

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