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Diagnosing Steering System Noises
Cooling System Service: Common Sense Guidelines for Covering the Variables
Avoiding Brake Job Comebacks
EVAP Monitor on European Cars: Real World Diagnosis of DMTL Systems

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Intake Learn Is a Joke

This bulletin applies to 2007-2012 Nissan Juke models, where the IAVL (Intake Air Volume Learn) will not complete, using CONSULT.

A Sensible Smoke

This bulletin applies to 2000-2012 GM passenger cars and light-duty trucks equipped with gasoline engines, where the SES light is on and any of the following fuel trim and/or O2 sensor-related codes are stored:

Bimmer Bummer

This bulletin applies to 2002 BMW 745i vehicles. A loud whine or howling noise may be heard in the passenger compartment at approximately 70 mph to 80 mph with a light or no engine load (when coasting).

Noisy Dodge

This bulletin applies to 2011-2012 Dodge Durango models built prior to July 2, 2012. The owner may experience a knocking, buzzing, squeaking or rattle sound from the instrument panel area near the A-pillar.


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Find Used OEM Auto Parts on PartCycle Website

PartCycle Technologies LLC has enhanced its e-commerce platform with the goal of making it easier for automotive dealerships to get the used original equipment manufacturer parts they need to provide customers with economical part options.  

AAPEX Mobility Park Will Demo Scan Tools and Underhood Diagnostics

The new outdoor Mobility Park at the 2017 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) will feature demonstrations of the latest scan tool technology and procedures for underhood diagnostic work.

Bolt On Technology Latest Software Update Tracks Vehicle Status

Bolt On Technology LLC’s newest software update enables automotive repair shops to provide instant vehicle status reports to their customers.

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