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Tool review: Midtronics' DSS-7000 battery analyzer -- A very sophisticated diagnostic tool
Brake basics booster shot
Ford Powerstroke diesel: Engine background and tech tips
Camry generations five and six: A brief tour of the Toyota Camry fuel and EVAP systems

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Missing Filter?

Owners of 2009 GMC Canyon vehicles (and a few other GM models) may complain about a spongy brake pedal that has occurred over time, with increased pedal travel and increased stopping effort. The condition may be caused by air accumulating in the master cylinder or by a missing filter in the brake pressure modulator valve (BPMV).

Honda Update

This bulletin applies to 2009 Honda Ridgeline vehicles. If you’ve got outdated HDS software and you try clearing VSA DTCs, you’ll wind up with this message on the display screen: Access denied, stop the vehicle, clear is not available.

Anemic VW TDI

If you receive a complaint from a Volkswagen owner of low power with a TDI engine, check the mass airflow sensor reading in the measuring block, group 00, field 10.

Ram Steering Angle

This bulletin applies to 2007 Ram 1500/2500 vehicles equipped with a 6.7L engine and  involves diagnosis and possible replacement of the steering angle sensor. This applies to vehicles equipped with the electronic stability system and built prior to Oct. 3, 2006.


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Ford integrates its eCounter parts platform with Identifix

Ford Motor Co. has integrated its eCounter aftermarket e-commerce parts platform with Identifix to allow Motorcraft brand parts to be ordered through a single website.

Bosch and UTI sign five-year agreement to train future technicians

Robert Bosch LLC has signed a five-year sponsorship agreement with Universal Technical Institute (UTI) to provide automotive parts, equipment and training support at all UTI campuses nationwide.

Autologic names new leaders for North American operations

Autologic Diagnostics has named Joseph Fiorentino to the post of general manager – North America and Kevin FitzPatrick president of North American operations.

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