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Engine oil change intervals
The value of photos
Tool Review: CP7732 impact wrench -- An ultra-compact workhorse
Alternator decouplers: Servicing these vibration-reducing pulleys

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Sticky relief valve

This TSB applies to a number of GM vehicles, ranging from 2008 to 2013, equipped with any of the following aluminum V8 engines:

Subaru trans learn

This TSB applies to a number of Subaru models, including 2004 and later Forester with 4AT and turbo, 2005 and later Forester 4AT naturally aspirated, 2005 and later Impreza 4AT naturally aspirated, 2006 and later Impreza 4AT turbo, 2005 and later Legacy 4AT 2.5L naturally aspirated, 2008 and later Legacy 5AT 3.0L, 2008 and later Legacy 5AT turbo, and 2008 and later Tribeca 5AT 3.6L models.

If the VW sucks air

This technical service bulletin applies to 2011 VW Jetta vehicles. The MIL may be illuminated, with DTC P0410, P0411 or P1423 present.

Interference for keyless entry

This bulletin was provided by GM regarding 2014 and prior GM cars and trucks that feature RKE (remote keyless entry) and/or RVS (remote vehicle start).


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Nominations open for Federated 'Shop of the Year'

Federated Auto Parts is now accepting nominations for Federated Shop of the Year. The annual Federated Shop of the Year program recognizes a top shop with a demonstrated track record of excellence in such areas as customer service, quality repairs, knowledgeable staff and community involvement.

Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance goes global with new partners in China

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (Alliance) has expanded into China with the creation the China Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (CAAPA). The group will go to market in China under the Auto Value brand.

AAIW and AAPEX: More buyers attended in 2014 than ever before

Buyer attendance at the 2014 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) in Las Vegas increased in key target buyer categories identified by the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), with independent repair garages posting the largest growth at 12%.

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