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Hot Cop Cars

Some owners of 2013 Chevy Caprice vehicles may comment about roughness or vibration felt at stops and a clunk from the driveline on acceleration from stops. This may be caused by a broken motor mount.


HVAC and Light Issue

This bulletin applies to 2012-2014 Chrysler 300 vehicles equipped with dual zone or triple zone automatic temperature control, or automatic headlamps. The driver and passenger HVAC blower air temperature may not be the same when “Sync” setting mode is selected and the headlamps may always stay on when set to auto mode.


Shifty Flash

Some 2011 Mazda Tribute vehicles equipped with a 6F35 automatic transmission may exhibit an intermittent harsh 1-2 shift or harsh 5-6 shift regardless of temperatures or soak time. Additionally, 4-5 shift flare may be experienced after an extended cold soak. 2.5L equipped vehicles with late 4-5 shift events/high rpm's may also benefit from this calibration update.


Hard Pedal Reflash

Some 2011 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles may exhibit an intermittent hard brake pedal feel or firmness after extended cold soak. A new calibration is available that will improve this concern.


Not So Super Charger

This bulletin applies to 2013 Cadillac CTS-V equipped with a supercharger. A supercharger noise may be experienced at idle that sounds like marbles rolling around in the supercharger. Some may also describe this as an erratic rattle-type noise that sounds similar to combustion noise on a diesel engine.


Where’s the Steering Angle Sensor?

Some VW Golf, Jetta and Passat vehicles equipped with electromechanical power steering have the G85 steering angle sensor located in the steering rack.


5th Gear from Stop

Some 2012-2013 Ford Expedition vehicles equipped with a 6R80 transmission and built on or before 4/8/2013 may exhibit a transmission engagement in 5th gear when starting from a stop.


Reflash for Funky O2 Codes

This bulletin applies to 2014 Dodge Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 vehicles equipped with a 5.7L engine and built on or before Sept.4, 2013. A MIL may be on, with DTC P1621 (O2 sensor reference voltage circuit low) or P1622 (O2 sensor reference voltage circuit high).


Don’t Trust the Intake

This bulletin applies to all current and previous fuel-injected GM vehicles. When replacing an engine due to internal damage, extreme care must be taken when transferring the intake manifold to the new engine long block.


Wiggle the Caddy Connection

This bulletin applies to 2010-2013 Cadillac SRX and 2013 ATS models. Multiple DTCs may be set and instrument panel Self-Test/WOW occurs when the MDI is plugged into the vehicle’s DLC (diagnostic link connector).

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