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Uniontown, OH 44685

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Greg Smith
Auto Service Professional
[email protected]
330-899-2200 Ext. 2212

Karen Runion
Production Manager
[email protected]
330-899-2200 Ext. 2210


Dan Thornton
[email protected]

Bob Marinez
Bma[email protected]
330-899-2200 Ext. 2217


Marianne Dyal
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Mike Mavrigian


Mike Mavrigian is the owner of Birchwood Automotive Group in Creston, Ohio. He has served the automotive aftermarket for more tnan 35 years and has written well over 1,000 technical articles and many books on a wide variety of automotive subjects. He has won many editorial awards including a nationally recognized Neal Award for best technical article.

Jeff Taylor

Technical Writer

Jeff Taylor has been contributing automotive technical writing since 2009 and he is just as passionate about the automotive industry as when he started more than 30 years ago.  Jeff is a full licensed interprovincial automotive service technician, a member of the Ontario Drive Clean Focus Group and a Board Member for the Ontario College of Trades. Jeff has competed in international diagnostic competitions, been an automotive instructor, won numerous awards and been an ambassador for the industry since he started. Jeff has worked full time for Eccles Auto Service in Dundas, Ontario since 1984.

Edwin Hazzard

Technical Writer

Edwin Hazzard owns South East Mobile Tech in Charleston, S.C., which is a mobile diagnostic and programming service providing technical service to many automotive and body repair shops. He has 35 years experience in the automotive industry. He currently is an automotive trainer, a board member of TST (Technician Service Training), a member of the MDG (Mobile Diagnostic Group), a member of the Professional Tool and Equipment advisory board for Pten magazine, a committee member of Nastaf, and is a beta tester for multiple tool makers.

Bill Fulton

Technical Writer

Bill Fulton is the author of Mitchell's Advanced Engine Performance Diagnostics and Advanced Engine Diagnostics manuals. He also is the author of several lab scope and drivability manuals. He is a certified Master Technician with over 30 years of training and R&D experience. He currently owns and operates Ohio Automotive Technology in the Columbus, Ohio, area, which is an automotive repair and research development center.

Advisory Board

  • Dan Paddy, Dan Paddy Service, Seville, Ohio
  • Frank Dannemiller, Mobile Service & Repair Co., Wadsworth, Ohio
  • Bob Fall, Fall Automotive Machine, Toledo, Ohio
  • Scott Gressman, Gressman Powersports, Fremont, Ohio
  • Greg McConiga, O’Daniel Automotive Restorations, Ft. Wayne, Indiana