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Turbocharger Service Tips
Tracking Electrical System Failures
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Chasing Chassis Complaints: Tips and Diagnostics From the Experts

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A Bumpy Cruze

Owners of a 2012-2014 Chevy Cruze equipped with a 1.4L engine and 6T40 automatic transmission and built before Aug. 1, 2013, may complain about a bump feeling or surge or an engine vibration while stopped at idle with the transmission in drive and their foot on the brake pedal.

Wet Diff in Cold

Some 2011-2013 Ford Flex vehicles equipped with a 3.5L GTDI engine may exhibit an occasional fluid leak coming from the rear differential vent cap in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nervous Alfa Relay

This bulletin applies to 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider models equipped with a 1.8L engine. A clicking noise may be heard from the engine area. The concern may be caused by rapid activation and deactivation of the auxiliary water pump relay.

Stubborn BMW Faults

This bulletin applies to BMW models where ISTA/D fault code S0001 entries are still present after a quick delete.


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US Motor Works Earns Honor for Shipping Performance

US Motor Works LLC received the 2018 Supplier Award from the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Inc. for outstanding shipping performance.

Auto Care Association Is Pleased With the Temporary Trade Deal

Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey is hopeful the temporary trade deal between the United States and China will lead to talks that resolve the issues dividing the two countries.

Trevor Lilovich Joins Airtex-ASC as Account Manager

Airtex-ASC has named Trevor Lilovich as account manager, according to Charles Harris, senior director of sales and marketing for Airtex-ASC.

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