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Tools and Equipment to Enhance Shop Efficiency October 31, 2019

There are tools that allow you get the job done, and there are tools that allow you get the job done quicker and/or more efficiently. In this brief article,...

Current Brake Technology: A Discussion of Pads, Rotors and Fluids October 31, 2019

While technological changes and advancements are in the works for future vehicles, such as electronic braking systems, we thought it best to discuss...

Great Bear Auto: Advocating for Women Drivers is a Priority October 18, 2019

Audra Fordin’s shop was not selected for this reader profile article because she’s a female in a predominantly male occupation. Far from it....

When Scans Don’t Work: Sometimes we Need a Personal Re-Programming October 18, 2019

Problem diagnosis of our occasional faulty memory can sometimes prove difficult, especially when the concern occurs on an intermittent basis. Sometimes, we...

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